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You’re invited to John Singer Sargent’s Pope Building Studio in Boston, June 1921, to meet

the artist, his patroness and Boston's Apollo




Actors Shakespeare Co. (ASC)

Hosted Live ZOOM Webinar/Reading by ptmc

Sunday January 24th, 2021


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What if Shakespeare felt maker's remorse in presenting HENRY VI's Joan of Arc, & TROILUS & CRESSIDA's Pandarus, & enlists the patronage of Queen Elizabeth to assist him in giving both Pandarus & Joan d’Arc makeovers? Perhaps change history in the process? Achilles, Patroclus, Mistress Overdone, Anne Hathaway, Mrs. Aphra Behn, Edward DeVere and even a Gallant Stool join in the fray.

And what’s that underlying thrum regarding authorship?


What if Will Shakespeare had "maker's remorse" and decided to call in TROILUS & CRESSIDA's Pandarus, and HENRY 6th's Joan la Pucelle for makeovers?


Achilles, Patroclus, Mistress Overdone, Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Aphra Behn, Edward de Vere, Anne Hathaway & even a Gallant Stool jump into the fray to give Joan d'Arc her due.


​Can lit history's non-winners, even those burned at the stake, be remade?


And what's that constant thrum regarding authorship?




Shaming of the Shrewd © 2023 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc

Cast 4 Women 7 Men

Kate – oldest daughter to Baptista, match to Petruchio

Petruchio – fortune hunter, match to Kate

Bianca – youngest daughter to Baptista, match to Lucentio

Baptista – father to Kate & Bianca, match to Matchata

Hortensio – son to Bumsquat, Vincentio’s mate

Vincentio –  Hortensio’s mate

Lucentio – son to Matchata, Bianca’s mate

Biondello – servant to Baptista family, Servantina’s mate

Bumsquat – father to Hortensio

Matchata – matchmaker, Lucentio's mother, match to Baptista

Servantina – servant to Baptista family, mate to Biondello


SYNOPSIS Kate Baptista runs her father’s household with a firm hand since her mother’s death. When matchmakers and fortune seekers pursue her sister Bianca for her dowry, Kate puts forth the oldest daughter must be first married dictum. She then interviews potential suitors for her own hand and Bianca’s, suffering no fools in the bargain. Choosing Petruchio as the most apt, least offensive choice after careful analysis, she proceeds to make him into an appropriate match. She is ashamed that mankind is " so simple”.


                  TheaterMakers Studio Nominees/Winners for TMS Awards Are...


Pride River Crossing by ptmc


Katherine Hammond - Pride River Crossing


Brandy Clark - Pride River Crossing

OBS ZOOM Staged Reading via TheatreMakers Studio            

Directed by Katherine Hammond via Warehouse of Theatre, Norfolk, VA





Produced by Special Arrangement with SMITH SCRIPTS

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Madame X's Allerton


Sunday May 24th, 2020 on FaceBook LIVE

Hope you joined us for this experiment in

ZOOMing new work 

It's an epistolary intrigue of historical fact, fiction & LGBTQ issues ...

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Reeking of Indiscretion:

Madame X's Allerton ... The Chicago Tribune’s Madame X, society doyenne Caroline Kirkland (1865-1930) declared Robert Allerton (1873–1964) Chicago’s most eligible bachelor in 1906. His personal relationship with Caroline Kirkland, and his intimate relationship with John Wyatt Gregg Allerton (1899-1986), his longtime companion, and adopted-as-an-adult son, are best imagined by inventing what their correspondence might have been. Bridging two centuries, what words might have passed between these three brightly shining stars that helped shape the course of art, landscape architecture, the future of celebrity journalism and LGBTQ issues that were only imagined in the early 20th century. An epistolary intrigue of historical truth and fiction and LGTBQ issues

GoFundMe  &  Madame X

Reeking of Indiscretion:

Madame X's Allerton


(C) 2019 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc


One Night Only

Tuesday July 16th at 8:30pm

ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival

@ The Wild Project 195 East 3rd St & Ave B


Ms. Anna Cody as Caroline Kirkland / Madame X

Mr. Jordan Tierney as John Wyatt Gregg

Mr. Patrick Thomas McCarthy as Robert Henry Allerton


Sat July 13th , 2019 @7pm

@ Grounded Goodwife, Woodbury, CT


Sheri Bresson as Madame X

Miles Everett as Robert Allerton

Sam Bass as John Gregg

An epistolary intrigue of historical fact, fiction &

LGBTQ issues


Reeking Of Indiscretion:

Madame X's Allerton

Additional Readings

Sunday December 30 @East Point Commons, Milwaukee

Thursday December 27 @WaukeshaCivicTheatre, Waukesha

see events page for details & photos

Wednesday November 28 @8pm & Monday December 10 @8pm

reading excerpts of

#MadameXsAllerton by ptmc



presentation series



  Aaron's Revengers Tragedy

                                               ...A Feast of Blood

Mashing up Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy and the Victorian Penny Dreadful, STRING of PEARLS a.k.a. Sweeney Todd, to provide enough vengeance, mayhem and blood to fill a banquet hall of horror. Aaron becomes the central character in this barbaric tripleheader, gaining his freedom, his vengeance and his child’s legacy on the bloody way. Coming soon from




Music Stand Reading

Sun September 23, 2018


Manhattan Plaza

Ellington Room

Many Thank Yous to

David Palmer Brown [The LEARS, 12th NIGHTed, Varied Lives] as Pero

Drew Bolander [The LEARS, CUSTODY, Varied Lives] as Nando

Patrick Harvey [Smith St Stage] as Stefano

Amy Helms [ FSU - Asolo Conservatory] as Miranda

Ashley Marinaccio [NYU Tisch] as Ariel

Kyle Minshew [ 12th Nighted, Demitri - Midnight's Dream] as Cal ... Caliban

TEMPEST  (C) 2018 by ptmc

Characters - 4 Men 2 Women

Pero – father to three children, survivalist, magician [50s]

Miranda – daughter to Pero [20s/30s]

Cal – son to Pero [20s/30s]

Ariel – daughter to Pero [20s]

Nando – handsome stranger in a strange land [20s/30s]

Stefano – companion, sex-worker [20s /30s]


A post-apocalypse survivalist enclave


In a post-apocalyptic world, a survivalist father, Pero, captures two strangers he will groom to give as gifts to two of his three children, his pups, Miranda, Ariel & Cal.  Will the addition of the "other" civilize his children or compound their savagery? Many "others" have come & gone, will these be the ones to stay...

"O, Brave New World" that has the other in't...

TEMPEST ... is also now submitted to

Acadiana Repertory Theatre, ART, Lafayette, LA

Barrington Stage, MA

College of Charleston, Todd McNurney Playwriting Contest

Death & Pretzels, Chicago, IL

Greater Boston Stage, MA


Mixed Blood Theatre, Mpls, MN

many thru NPX [New Play Exchange] tagging


sExtOrtiOn   7 Year Anniversary - ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival July 2013

ALL OUT ARTS Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting

Outstanding Ensemble Performance

Officially entered

Shakespeare's New Contemporaries Initiative

American Shakespeare Center

Staunton, VA

June 12, 2018

Midnight's Dream

First Complete Read Cast List Sunday May 6th 2018

Mick Bleyer = Congressman O'Baron

Anna Cody = Congresswoman Blackbottom, Titania Whipmaster

Mary O'Brady = Mr. Phineas Puck

Nick Bombicino= Colonel Egeus Edge

Mary Lauren = Miss Helena Jane Hathaway

Alana Rader = Hermia Edge, the Edger, the Colonel's daughter

Kyle Minshew = Demitri Demigoggins - a Russian operative with Book of Face specialization, speaks broken Russian inflected English

Dan Tracy = Sandy Lysander Lackluster - not the sharpest knife in the drawer, a Congressional Staffer

Anne Pasquale = Mz. Bette Bottom, Congressional Staffer, Pyramus

Keith Herron = Mr. Quin Quince, Congressional Staffer, Wall

Tepper Saffren = Mr. Frankie Flute, Congressional Staffer, Thisby

Kimmie Braunthal = Ms. Snug Robin Starvling - Congressional Staffer, the Lion in Pyramus & Thisby

Midnight's Dream

(C) 2018 by ptmc


7 Men & 5 Women colorful characters include...

Congressman Theeseus O'Baron

Congresswoman Hippolyta Blackbottom and Titania Whipmaster

Colonel Edgeus Edge

Mr. Phineas Puck - The Congressman's Chief of Staff

Demitri-us Demigoggins - a Russian operative with Book of Face Specialization

Sandy Lysander Lackluster - Congressional Staff Member

Hermia Edge / The Edger - Colonel Edge's daughter

Helena Jane Hathaway - the Congressman's Secretary

Mz. Bette Bottom - Congressional Staffer, Pyramus

Quin Quince - Congressional Staffer, Wall

Francis "Frankie" Flute - Congressional Staffer, Thisby

Ms. Snug Robin Starveling - Congressional Staffer, Lion


SLIPPERY now officially submitted to Shakespeare's New Contemporaries Playwriting Project at American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia. The 2 winners each year of the competition (10 years in all, in total 20 companion pieces will be selected) will play in rep with their Shakespeare companion.

If SLIPPERY is chosen it would play in rep with The WINTER's TALE April/June 2019 at ASC. The first 4 plays seeking "New Contemporaries" companion pieces are The COMEDY of ERRORS, HENRY IV Part 1, The MERRY WIVES of WINDSOR and The WINTER's TALE. The 4 plays for the 2019-2020 cycle are CYMBELINE, OTHELLO, MIDSUMMER NIGHT's DREAM and HENRY IV Part 2.

Let the playwriting begin...or continue....


SLIPPERY - first reading with Will Copeland, Amanda DuPuy, Jens Martin Krummel, Austin Marolla and Patrick Ball at BGSQD, LGBTQ Center, NYC

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CUSTODY Review TheaterScene by Joel Benjamin July 2017

CUSTODY review OuterStage by Rachel Rocano July 2017

CUSTODY review DramaQueensReviews by Turan Koyuncu July 2017

CUSTODY Arrangements Set

CUSTODY granted its hearing for July 2017

Arrangements set for ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival

Monday July 10 @ 8pm

Thursday July 13 @ 7pm

Sunday July 16, @ 4pm

The Wild Project 195 East 3rd St @ Ave B, NYC

Tickets $18 @

CUSTODY 2017 Summer Festival Showcase

Crowd source funding campaign completed on HATCHFUND  

CUSTODY 2017 Cast & Staff

*Anne Pasquale as Shannon